july-august 2012

Welcome to the EBU Newsletter.

The EBU Newsletter is published every two months in English, French, German and Spanish. It is produced and translated thanks to the financial support of the European Commission DG Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities. We hope you enjoy reading it, and we welcome your comments and feedback.

EU update

EBU attends EU Digital Agenda Assembly

In June EBU took part in the EU Digital Agenda Assembly, an event where future policy was discussed in areas such as e-commerce, e-payments, social media, converged media platforms, etc.

WIPO negotiations update

Between the 17th and 25th of July, the twice-yearly WIPO Copyright negotiating committee met in Geneva. EBU participated, along with a team of colleagues from all four corners of the globe.


THE BLIND AT WORK, call for testimonials

Thirteen years ago, the book "les Aveugles au Travail" (Blind People at Work) was published in France in order to enhance awareness of blind people and accessible professions. Since May 1999, the employment situation of blind people has changed: new opportunities have been created, some "traditional" professions are endangered, others are still present and generate employment. That is why the publisher of the 1999 book has just agreed to publish a second edition with me whose release is planned for the second half of 2013.

Disability has been included in the Rio+20 Outcome Document

The Rio +20 Outcome Document, "The future we want", has five specific references to disability. We encourage you spread the news and begin to take measures to help translate these commitments into specific actions by Governments and all stakeholders in the international community to ensure that persons with disabilities – their rights, needs and concerns – are included in sustainable development policies and practices, everywhere.

test article

Thirteen years ago, the book "Les Aveugles au Travail" (Blind People at
Work) was published in France, under my leadership in order to enhance
awareness of blind people, the organizations in charge of their career,
the public or private employers and the general public, about the
professions accessible to us. Through one hundred and six testimonials,
more than seventy-five activities were then presented in very different
fields such as:

The BPA Project

“Blickpunkt Auge” (BPA) - literally “Focal Point “Eyes” - is the title of a five-year project by DBSV which started work in Berlin in Spring 2010. It is directed to people with acquired visual impairment (eye patients) and their families. The intention is to develop and implement a holistic advisory and support service targeted specifically to the needs of this group.

National news

France – Vision Institute Handicap center

The Vision Institute is an integrated research center on vision pathologies, located in the center of Paris, France, it has recently created a subsidiary called Streetlab to provide consulting and evaluation services to companies developing products and services aiming to improve the autonomy, accessibility, mobility and quality of life of visually impaired people.


1.Cycling away from the cliché: Blind and visually impaired people as bike mechanics
2. Lobbying for a national disability strategy that is oriented to the needs of blind and partially sighted

Germany  - Fresh impetus for the “Week of Vision”

"See you!" is the motto of this year's Week of Sight in Germany. Seven partner organizations, among them the German Federation of the Blind and Partially Sighted (DBSV), are mobilizing their networks and the general public to organize events between 8th and 15th October 2012 to raise awareness of the importance of good vision and the causes of blindness.

Hungary - demonstration against cuts

In Budapest, the capital of Hungary, hundreds of people demonstrated on July 01st 2012, at the Heroes' square against the decrease of disability allowances, as well as against the need of a compulsory review procedure on working eligibility of people with disabilities.


A New Book: Jill's Leading Ladies - The Story of Jill's Six Guide Dogs, Jill Allen King, OBE

When Jill Allen-King OBE, suddenly lost her sight at the age of 24, with little help and advice available from Social Services she had to teach herself to cope with a whole new way of living that had its own set of challenges to overcome, including looking after her daughter, Jacqueline, born soon afterwards. This book, following close on the heels of Jill's autobiography, Just Jill, is a heartfelt tribute to her trusted four-legged friends, who have given her companionship, instilled her with confidence and guided her safely in both her personal life and in her incredibly important voluntary work throughout the UK.

Exciting update on RNIB hosted EBU pharma-braille website

For the past 5 years, Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) has supported the European Blind Union (EBU) with the design and provision of a subscription-based pharmaceutical Braille code look-up website.

Exhibition Project "Art Blind"

The organization "Blinde und Kunst" (blind people and arts) in Cologne is planning an exhibition with blind and partially sighted artists in the fields of painting, photography, sculpture and installation. We invite blind or partially sighted artists in Europe to participate in this exhibition.


Cultural rights: time for action

This European Survey was undertaken as part of the EBU ATC Project 2012. The aim of the Project is to improve the accessibility to cultural venues and activities for blind and partially sighted people in Europe.

The Report, its findings, recommendations and good practice examples can also be used locally and nationally by EBU member organisations to promote the cultural rights of blind and partially sighted people.