july-august 2013

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EU update

The EU Public Procurement Directive

By Carine Marzin,
EU Policy and Campaigns Officer, The Royal National Institute of Blind People

The EU Directive on accessibility of public websites

By Carine Marzin,
EU Policy and Campaigns Officer, The Royal National Institute of Blind People


Kindle update

Amazon has updated its Kindle iOS app to make it easier for blind people to use. The update includes new features that tap into Apple's voice over technology and let users have books read to them.

National news


Portugal - ACAPO organizes the 2nd edition of Braille Olympics

ACAPO - The Portuguese
Association of Blind and Partially Sighted
- promotes, in 2013, the 2nd edition of the
Braille Olympics, a contest nationwide addressed to all connoisseurs of this
reading and writing system.

Germany - Gaining insight 12th Week of Sight

Gaining insight!“ is the motto of this year's Week of Sight which will be held from October 8 to 15, 2013. Ophthalmologists, self-help organizations and international relief organizations will be addressing this issue nationwide to raise awareness for the importance of good vision and the situation of blind and partially sighted people in Germany and in the poorest countries of the world.

Poland - The Night of Museums

On the 18th of May 2013, at the residence of the Polish Association of the Visually Impaired, the Night of Museums took place for the second time. On the warm Sunday night we hosted almost a thousand visitors curious about our world in the dark.

Israel - Blind Day – 6.6.2013

On  6th June the third annual Blind Day
took place in Israel.  Many events were
organized throughout the country with the purpose of encouraging identification
with the visually handicapped.


Portugal - ACAPO recognized as an NGO for development

ACAPO has been recognized by IPAD (Instituto Português para o Apoio ao Desenvolvimento) as a non-governmental organization for development (ONGD).


The EBU Arne Husveg Award, 2013

EBU is pleased and proud to announce that Lord Colin Low, EBU president for 8 years until 2011, has been chosen as recipient of the Arne Husveg Award. The EBU Arne Husveg Award is given to former EBU officers who have rendered outstanding service to our Organisation.


Women with disabilities

Our feature this month shines a welcome spotlight on the often neglected issue of women with disabilities. It includes a report by Barbara Krejči Piry on her presentation at the EBU Youth-VIEWS seminar recently held in Berlin, a piece on Ana Peláez Narváez’s address to the European Parliament Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality, an article which goes into detail about the digital divide faced by women with disabilities, and last but not least a presentation of, and invitation to join, the EBU women’s network, by Maria Kyriacou from Cyprus, coordinator of the network.